Friday, 1 February 2013

The chickens are free! The chickens are free!

So is anyone also really freaked out by this unseasonable warm weather we are having?  Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have a warm day at the end of January but not the 11C we had this week.   It scares me more than the pleasure I get from not wearing my winter coat. But I want apples this year damn it!  My fears of the impending global environmental catastrophe is why my husband are attempting to live as simply as possible.   Please do not think that this blog will be rants about the green movement nor will it be a scary we're all going to die read.  This blog will be an update on what I do and things I find interesting in and around the farm.

I normally keep my chickens in their coop once the day get too short for me to get home before its dark.  I am not concerned about the cold and the chickens as their coop isn't heated either.  I find that the chickens are too easily confused and "hide" when it gets dark and I spend far too much time looking for the little buggers. Making my chores as easily as possible is something I spend far too much time on.  But with Wednesdays unseasonable warm weather I felt mean keeping girls (currently all chickens are femail laying hens) cooped up in their coop.  Lucky for me the poor things didn't venture to far and all were home before it got dark

Here's one of the older chickens peeking her head out.

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