Friday, 3 May 2013

For real this time ... Spring!

Spring has finally come to the farm 

I know that the calender said that spring has been with us for a while but Mother Nature did not stop her dance with old man winter until this week.  But with the warmth of the sun come new chores and projects around the farm.

This week on the farm
- We bought 56 new chicks.  I built the brooding nest last weekend and was fairly proud of the end result.  But every morning I go into the coop to let the big chickens out for the day and find a large white layers in the nest laying a egg and all the poor chicks herded together in fear.  I should say, I was very unkind to the bigs, I build the brooding nest in the corner where they used to lay their eggs.  So this weekend I have to spend sometime patching the brooding nest.

- Jon and our friend planted the post for the hops.  These 18' post will create the scaffolding in which the hop plants will grow up.  They did just the poles for now.  The field looks so odd right now.  This weekend we will be planting the hops and string up the lines which hopes will be growing up. I love this video - Try and not look at his eyebrows!

- And my personal goal is to make a new and improved compost bin.  Currently there is no security on the compost pile.  I find my dogs eating the decayed food a lot and find myself having a hard time looking them in the eyes after.  So, Jon has 6 pallets at work we can have and the goal is to make something like this:

BUT, I will need to add some chicken wire to keep the chickens and the dogs out.  You know, so I can make eye contact with Rogue

I think my weekend list should keep me out of trouble.

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