Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I failed the weekend To-Do List

Weekend's list was a bust!

Saturday started as productive as possible.  Jon and I worked on electric fence for the morning.  There was actually a lot more work to get the fence up and running for the season.  Last year we broke up the fenced in area because we did not have a vegetable patch and focused on the perimeter of the field.  So keeping the cows on our land is not a problem but keeping them out of the vegetable patch is another problem.  Jon had to go to a Remembrance Party for a friends father.  I finished up with the fence perimeter and then headed inside to get the home cleaning done.  There's a lot more work need to reinforce the vegetable patch again the cows, the deer and rabbits.

Sunday morning was a wet one in the basement.  The pressure tank blew.  I mean it literally started gushing water in the basement at 6:15 in the morning.  I happened to be up feeding the dogs and noticed there was no water pressure when I went to wash my hands.  I ran out to the barn believing I had once again left the cows water on (I really like to leave the water on before I go to work and then come one to a flooded paddock).  Unfortunately for the house, but fortunately for my memory, I hadn't left the water on.  I heard running water in the basement only to find a very large puddle covering the basement.  Without my glasses on I randomly tried to shut off the water.  Due to the nature of our plumbing system - we have a rental house, the barn and an irrigation system all coming off the main well pipe in the house - it took me a while to figure out what to turn off.  We not no real water damage.  The mason jars cardboard boxes all go wet and will have to be recycled and some unwanted Christmas ornaments my mother had given me got wet.  All in all not a bad flood.  But I spend most of the day trying to clean it up.  Water was restored to the house on Monday evening.

I did re enforced the chickens brooding nest.  Success!  One of a three for a To-Do list on a sunny weekend isn't soo bad.

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